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Holidays bring out the baker in me and this is such an easy treat that the wee ones can help through all of the steps (maybe not the oven though).  While these little treats don’t require ANY fuss (other than unwrapping a bazillion chocolates), they still require a bit of ovenly heat and assembly.  I would say that they are cheap to make, but pecans are pricy.  It’s not necessary to use the exact brands I did – well, except for the Rollos, of course I think there is a knock-off brand out there.  I had one bag, but thought to purcahse another (I’ve loads of goodie recipients).  I asked my dear husband to pick up an extra bag of Rollos and of course, it has become the ‘hot’ thing to buy so he picked up a few rolls from the checkout area as a substitute.  I don’t know how cost effective it is, but there are 6 to a roll and that’s 6 I didn’t have to unwrap.



Bag of small pretzels (I like to use the square ones)

Bag of Pecans

Bag of Rollos



Cookie Sheet

Oven (350 degrees)


1) Take your ingredients and prepare.  You could, unwrap all those lovely chocolately carmel candies at one sitting and put them

all in a bowl until you are ready to assembly OR you can just unwrap as you go.










2)  Place pretzels onto an ungreased cookie sheet-leave a wee space between them.










3) Place unwrapped Rollo candy onto the pretzel.










4) Heat on 350 degrees in oven for 3-5 minutes.  You may want to keep an eye on them-three minutes goes by faster than you think.


5) Once warmed enough, take a pecan a press (gently) it into the softened Rollo.  I like mine to keep the carmel inside the chocolate.  In this picture, I actually left them in too long so the one with the pecan was already flattened.  The others somehow managed to stay in form (so I pressed the pecan in them after the picture was taken).










6) Let them cool and you have a great little treat!


7) There are a few variations however that you can use in this recipe–only you probably shouldn’t call it Turtles if you use them.

  • Instead of pecans, you could use M&M’s, walnuts, or any other type of small goody.
  • You could choose a different shaped pretzel.
  • You could use a white chocolate disk instead of the Rollos.


However you make them, have fun and then share them with everyone!