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Baking the Bug

I kept this little lady bug for probably 6-7 months after her accident.  I could not find it in me to toss her out just because she had a wee fall.  Ok, yeah, she’s faceless/headless.  Most would’ve just tossed her in the can w/maybe a tear.  I’m not most.  Her beauty still shined despite that one nagging little detail.  Yup, you probably guessed that I’m one of ‘those’.  In all honesty, I wouldn’t truly categorize myself as ‘one of those’ simply because I do have my dark moments where my optimism annoys the hell out of me (it’s oh so much easier/less tiring to be a pessimist).  Optimism is my curse and defect.  It has turned me into a problem/puzzle solver when things go bad.  For me there is always a fix or a way–yeah, again, exhausting.  Eh, it’s my nature so I deal.  So, moving along…



Again, not willing to let my lady go, I decided I would ‘fix’ her.  I have, in the past, sculpted a wee bit.  A few bits and pieces of nothing truly amazing have come from my dabbling w/Sculpey and other oven bake clays.  They are fun, inexpensive, and great if you don’t have a kiln in your kitchen (yeah, if only).


Let’s just say that I’m a noob/newb.  I did not lend much thought as to the ‘process’.  Images of what could work popped in my head and that is what my hands worked out on their own.  I started out with a lump of clay, rounded it, and then molded it around the jagged edges (so it would place similar to a puzzle piece) and then carefully pulled it off – thinking to use hot glue to hold it in place.   I cooked said piece and while it worked, I was not content w/some of the flaw.  Thoughts of ‘what to do’ filled my mind because my OCD was having a fit over the very noticeable (to me) imperfection.  You know that saying, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’?  Well, there ya go.  I decided that she was going to be ‘right’ and that was that.  I was not certain of my actions, only of the knowledge that I wanted her whole.  I took a wee bit more clay and smoothed the annoying flaw over and attached it better to the body.  Ok, wet clay was not happening so I grabbed my cookie sheet and showered my bug w/hope as I set her on it then….shoved her in the oven.  For 15 min I held my breath (metaphorically of course).  After 6 min, I had to open the oven just to check.  Was anything melting?  How was her little jewels holding up to the heat?  Was her paint running?  How was the rest of her body holding up (yeah, not sure what she’s really made of btw)?  Was anything possibly going to go boom?  There’s only so much you can realllly see through the sketchy oven door even w/the light on.



Well, my oven didn’t make the bug explode nor did her metal legs melt.       





The pics don’t really do her justice.  I think the paint was still wet and the camera on my husband’s phone doesn’t really care for me.  Anyway, my lady bug is whole, she looks like she was never in any sort of fall and I am happy.  Moral of my tale:  don’t count something/someone out when they are broken–anything/anyone can be fixed if you have the resolve/stubbornness that it/the person will be fixed!  Another way to look at it: I’m a stubborn woman who refused to throw my weird little dollie away!


Draigs jump from storybook to real life!

Being a writer, a self published writer is hard enough–you wear all the hats that a traditional publisher pays at least 10 or more people for.  So, if you’ve book in hand (your dream) then you must get it noticed or else your hard work is for naught.  Draig leapt from the storybook pages at a chance to help me out.  Seriously, I had been gearing up for a festival book signing and wanted to do something eye catching.  I still don’t know how I thought this up and my kitchen is still recovering!

I started out w/a small table top version and somewhere in my thoughts, something demanded that I do something greater/more eye catching.  Well, what could be more eye catching than a  seven foot long, 3 foot high water dragon?  Ok…the materials were mostly household items that were destined for some kind of recycle or reuse–brown kraft paper (that I had received from a book order), magazines (my sister no longer wanted so gave to me), and card board inards (cut the lids off boxes, strip off the outer paper and you find the corrugated ridges).  Then of course the paint (I had from other projects but did have to purchase more), packaging tape, glue, paper mache (water, salt, flour), and white foam pages (for the horns, teeth, and spikes along the spine).  That’s about it…I did learn later that a wire skeleton would’ve been nice.  Eh, my first paper mache endeavor of this magnitude so next time.

Here is a detailed account of this wonderfully messy (it was in my hair for days!) adventure and yes, I would do it again!