‘Twas the month before Christmas…

Hehe, couldn’t find any Thanksgiving themed pages, so…  Besides, I love trees.  Just thought to put in a wee little post with some upcoming activities plus it’ll push the Halloween posties down so it doesn’t look like I’ve gone holiday mad.

I’m currently working on a pressie for Christmas for the blog.  ’12 days of Christmas’ I shall dub it.  I love giving.  Small gifts are the best, because they usually mean more than some big flashy thing that costs oodles of money.  I have found that when I send off a ‘goodie’ package in the mail to someone, I feel like I’m on top of the world–because I know the person who gets the package wasn’t expecting it and that it’ll make them smile.  Everyone needs a good surprise once in a while, especially when life drags you so far down–I’ve been in that dark abyss many times.  Ohhh, I love making goodie packages with little treats and such!  So, from the 13th to the 24th I’ll have something of that nature here.  I have an advent calendar at home (2 to be exact-hey, one for each kid) that I find little gifts and put in for my boys (who are actually teens now).  So I’ll have a mini one here so be on the lookout for them!

Just a little backstory here: One year, I snuck into my mum’s car (I was in my young thirties) and placed a wee gift in it everyday leading up to Christmas eve.  It was more fun than the time I stuck a big rubber spider on her steering wheel column at Halloween!  I left everything from sweets to homemade items (ie candles, potpourri sachets, etc).  I really had a blast doing that.  Hey, I even played Santa to her one year–I snuck in her house and stealthfully snuck some gifts and a stocking under her tree.  Heh, ninja-style!  When she woke Christmas day and called me she asked if I’d been there.  Nope, it wasn’t me, it was SANTA-I was bringing my gifts to her house later that day for dinner!  Even her cat had a wee stocking from the sneaky old man *wink*!  Wish she were still here with me, there’s soooo many cool things that I think she would get a huge kick out of now.  Ah well, whenever I see something I think she’d appreciate, I smile for her.  Ohhh, the treats I’d make for her now–she always loved my mad cooking skills!  Potato candy, cream-cheese pumpkin log (her fav), jello squares (the kind that has the condensed milk), my oyster-cornbread stuffing (old fam recipe), my corn beef and cabbage, my zuccini bread, my cinnamon candy, and the list goes on.  I will never have any low confidence when it comes to my cooking-I get that gene from her side of the family!  Ah well…hug those you love NOW because they can go from you very quickly.  Do little things for people and watch them smile!  That’s what it should be about-the smiles.  My mum was gone in 6 months so I don’t get to think of a little gift making her smile anymore.  I still find it odd not to see or hear her even though it’s been near four years.  It’s like walking by a hole-it was once filled, but now it’s there and it stays empty.  It’s the way of life I suppose and I’m not really liking it no matter how I think it out.  Although the world would get really crowded if we all stayed around…still, I don’t like it and I don’t really have to.

Well, speaking of gifts and such…remember in your gift buying that books (ahem, HINT) make really good gifts.  They don’t need batteries, they don’t get taken up at school, I don’t think too many people steal them (heh, a book thief), and they can be hugged (yes, I hug good books).  I’ve six wonderful little morsels that you can give at my lulu store: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/eppy -whether you need electronic or the really good ol’ reliable, my favorite, paper kind I have them there.  I really would like to have my latest project finished and out for readers, but we’ll see.  If you’ve a chapter book reading kid–my Pell Shade will keep her/him entranced with its quirky characters.  Of course my pic books have loads of great color and characters.  Hehe, shameless promote huh?  Ah well, how else will you know if I dont’ mention it?  Of course, you could be a really nice person and mention it for me by pointing people to my books.


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