Stitches the Cat (Pull)

I love making these, even after making over fifty! I like to give them out at readings, book signings, or sending them out with my books. My chapter book, “Pell Shade and the Mysterious Paper” and “The One Sock Princess” both have cats so it works out as a nice little extra. It’s also my final activity for my 13 days of Halloween. What would Halloween be without a black cat?


Black Felt sheet

Plastic zipper pull/fashion key clip

Green embroidery thread

Embroidery needle

Cardboard sheet (to create the cat head template)




1) Cut a cat head design from the cardboard sheet. This is your template.

2) Use the template and cut out your two cat heads. Once finished, cut out a five inch long x 1/2 to an inch wide strip.  Set strip aside.

3) Thread your needle and knot it.  Insert the needle into the bottom of one of the cat head felts and pull your thread through. You will want to keep the ‘knotted’ end on the inside of the cat head so once you push the needle through, pull the thread until it stops, turn the felt over and place it on top of the other felt head. Now begin your stitching. When stitching, try to keep a small ‘edge’ as you use a ‘straight stitch’ to go around the cat head.  You will want to stop a few strokes from the top center of the head. This is where you will add the strip and key pull.

4) Take the felt strip and thread it through the key pull loop. Tuck both ends of the strip between both cat head felts and continue to stitch until are almost all the way around.  Just before the final few stitches, stuff your cat head-just a few tufts will do. Continue your stitching until you are all the way around. Insert the needle one last time, only don’t pull it through both pieces-just the one because you will knot it and tuck it inside.

5) Now you can attach your black cat to a bookbag, a purse, or a gym bag.


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