Spinner the Spider

This is really a fun project to do.  It’s pretty simple and cheap to make.


2 Styrofoam balls (different sizes-the larger one is for the body and the smaller one is for the head)

6 Black pipe cleaners

Black paint

Glue (I used rubber cement)


Google eyes


1) Cut the small styrofoam ball in half (this will be the head).

2) Push two toothpicks into the body about an inch and a half away from where you plan to place the head or where the ball first meets the surface (this will help the spider to stand). Paint the ends of the toothpicks, the large (the body) and the half ball with black paint.  Set aside and let dry.

3) While the paint is drying you can prepare the legs. Fold the pipes into ‘fourths’. Cut about a 1/4 off the length of all the pipes.

4) Once dried, take a toothpick and push one end into the flat side of the styrofoam half. Connect the two styrofoam pieces by using the other end of the toothpick and press the together.

5) Unfold the pipes and push one end down into the body of the spider (at an angle and near the head)-it doesn’t need to go to deep, maybe an inch. Push in another pipe about an inch away. Place one more toward the back end of the spider (a little more than an inch away from the second one).  Repeat these steps for the other side.  Now to ‘shape’ the legs. Take two and half inches of the pipe and bend down.  Then at the end of the pipe, bend about an inch-you’ll want to bend that piece once more – you’re making the feet.

6) Once the legs are all in place, glue on the eyes.

….and here we have our spider!


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