Haunting Bags

I made some similar bags like these a few falls ago–my way of welcoming fall and sent them to a few friends and family. So I thought I’d make a few for Halloween.  They are super easy and cheap to make and no sewing involved-what could be greater!

What you need for the ‘Ghost’ bag:

Black Felt

White Felt

Glue (either hot or a good glue that can handle felt material)


1)  Take the black felt and fold in half.  Trim off a 1/3 from the side so that it has a ‘box or square’ shape to it-the excess will be used for the handle so set that aside for now.  Turn the square so that the folded part is toward you.  This will be the ‘bottom’ of your bag so you won’t need to apply glue. Unfold the square.  Squeeze one or two lines of glue along the side edges of the bottom half only–this way when you re-fold it, the top portion is open. Press the sides gently (don’t want the glue squishing out the sides) and then let dry for a few minutes (or longer-depending on the glue you use).

2) Take the excess strip and trim it to the thickness you want for the handle.  Then squeeze about two or three lines of glue at the tip end of only one side of the handle and press the glued edge against the middle of the inside of the bag–repeat actions for the other end.

3)  Cut a ghost shape out of the white felt.  You can either cut holes out for the eye or you can cut two circles out of the scrap left over from making the handle.

4) Glue the backside of the ghost and press gently onto the bag.

5) Let the bag sit for several hours and then fill it up with goodies.

I also made a ‘Franky’ bag–just neon green felt, some red and black felt scraps, and googly eyes.  Let your imagination go-witches, goblins, etc.


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