Nib’s Story Weaver

Being a story teller, I always try to encourage others.  There are stories all around us waiting to be told-you just need to open your eyes.  Statua Magis…imagine more.

Now, here’s how this works…I’ve provided subect and action.  They are not in any order whatsoever.  It’s up to you who does what.  Hey, why couldn’t a vamire drink apple juice? Who says that ‘Graff the hairy troll’ can’t ‘ride the kitchen broom across the sky.’?  Switch ’em ’round a bit and be creative.  Once you’re finished, maybe you can make a story with the sentences you made.  Whatever you come up with, I’d love to read it.  With your parents permission, emal your story to me at and I’ll post it here and on my author site with your name (first only-just to keep you safe).




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