Ghost Lollies

My mom taught me this little trick.  When I was in elementary, she made these for my class.  Super simple craft that your little one can help make!

Supplies needed:


Yarn (any Halloween color i.e. green, black, orange, yellow, purple, gray)

Suckers or lollies (any kind will do, but remember not all little ones may can handle what’s in the center i.e. gum)

Marker (any color really-I’m just traditional with the black for the eyes)


Let’s begin!

Step 1: Take one tissue and center it on top of lolly and let edges fall over the sides.

Step 2: Take a 12″ piece of yarn and wrap around its base-you don’t need to do it directly under the candy. 

Step 3: Tie the yarn into a knot (like you would a shoe lace) or you can just knot it (twice) and let the yarn hang down (kinda of like chains-for which a gray yarn would be ideal).

Step 4: Decorate. I chose to just give my ghost lolly eyes and an ‘O’ shaped mouth. You might consider different designs (also, they don’t all need to be the same). You might consider just eyes and no mouth or maybe use different colored markers. Come up with as many faces as you dare. Have some fun your design.


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