Hauntingly Good Times

Meh, a bit corny huh?  Ah well, I’m known as the ‘Queen of Lame’ at my house and I wear my crown with great pride *wink*.  Now, onto the important stuffs…

One day while author/Illustrator JD Holiday and myself were off scaring up authors with spooky stories to share on our BTR show, we thought to join in on the fun.  JD had this wonderful idea for a story and I was eager to get creative.  Thus, ‘Matt Shelley’s Halloween Misadventure’ was born!


“It’s ALIVE!” muwhahahaha!

I so enjoyed drawing the creepy furnace btw!  Has anyone made the link to where the character’s last name may have come from?  Think monster–it’s a mini-salute to Frankenstein’s creator.  We each took 4 pages to write and two pics to draw.  JD’s idea was so vivid in my head, I knew exactly the pics I wanted to draw and I actually drew the first one of my two, that very same night.  For me, that was a very big thing.  I’m still a newb at drawing from scratch so when I finished drawing…it was another ‘hey mom, look what I drew’ moment for me-even though my family just said, ‘yeah, it looks ok’.  Ah well, at least no one will ever need to worry about my head growing abnormally large and my having a diva complex.

JD and I finished it in less than a month’s time, give or take a few days.  I work full-time and being a one car family, I’m sometimes away from home for 10-12 hours a day so I think we did quite well on our collaboration.  Below is a peak at my first draft pic (of course my scanner doesn’t register pencil too well, so imagine the boys on stairs), the second pic is altered to show costumes, the third is with the head covered, and then the final pic.



I love my Bamboo tablet (new version of a Wacom)!!!  I really enjoyed working with JD on the story!  I think it helped me grow a bit more with my confidence (in drawing) so check out our tale and spread the word to your friends!  We are offerring it as a FREE ebook download  http://www.lulu.com/shop/jd-holiday-and-christy-condoleo/matt-shelleys-halloween-misadventure/ebook/product-20436185.html – so get your copy to see the other three illustrations and to read the great story!  Hurry, while it lasts (well, while it’s still FREE).  JD’s illustrations are great so don’t miss out!  AND….if you like that little sample, you should try out our books!!!!  We also read it on the Oct 6th BTR show with the World of Ink Network, It’s Story Time, Gather ‘Round:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/worldofinknetwork/2012/10/06/its-story-time-gather-round


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