Halloweenie Fun!!

Muwahahaha!  Beware my dears for ghosts and goblins are out!  Lol  My mom would always tell me that when Halloween approached and I think this endeavor is for her.  Some of her sayings always drove me nutts and some, well, there are those that I look back on and a classic nostalgic smile warms me.

While I don’t think a ghost or a goblin would know what to make of me, I still like to do dabble in their fantasy lands.  Doubt I’d be tasty and I’m much too exhausted to be scared so little fun they’d have with me.  However, I might…  Nah, they’d be too scared of me.  Well, for this Halloween, I plan to have a little creative fun.  For the final 13 days of this month (18th-30th) save for the 31st (because most likely you will be trick or treating or partying), everyday, right here, you will find a new post with a new little creative halloween type craft.  Why 13?  Why not?  I kind of like that number and plus, well there are just not enough hours in the day–unless you would like to pay me and then, well, hey, give me your list!  So check back each day and, of course, tell your friends.


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