I am by no means a poet-though that would be a nice title to wear. I do give poetry a good try and I’d love to think of my attempts as good or even passable. Whether they are fun, deep, or even a bit biting, I enjoy writing them and they help when my emotions overload.

Here’s a few. Most have been published in a few of the books I’ve written. My store on Lulu : http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/eppy  I hope enjoy reading them.

This one is from “Fragments of the Key, Eala’s Misfit’


A misfit you say…

An outcast…

I’m not like you…

I don’t belong…


Yet here I am, I exist…

I breathe the same air…

My heart beats…

My blood flows…


Maybe…just maybe, it is you who is the misfit

Maybe…just maybe, this is the only way you can fit in

By pushing me away…

By making me stronger…and you weaker



This one was published at the end of Book 1 for ‘Fragments of the Key’. It’s the poem that will lead book 2 of the ‘Fragments’ series, ‘What Lies Within’. 


What lies within

Does not matter

What lies without

Does not mean


It is my blood

I am branded

It is my name

I am known


I face them fearless

Never close my eyes

I face them tearless

Never close my ears


I accept what I am

I embrace it and grow strong

I reject what you think

I push it away and make you wrong


This one is from a pic book I wrote called, ‘Something Greater Than Fear’


No matter how big, no matter how small

The great gift of life was given to all

We grow, we learn, we experience a lot

Some good, some bad, some we know not

If the events leave us well or find us battered

It’s how we dealt with it that mattered


Then there’s another pic book I scribbled a wee poem, “The One Sock Princess” 


Can you find it?

Did you look to, did you look fro?

Did you look up high and then down low?

Did you search here or what about over there?

Where could it be?


Don’t give up.  Look again.

This time, try another view.

Use different eyes and look once more.

Maybe it was never lost.

Maybe it was with you all along.


Then there’s this one…

I was in a mood you see…


Words are what I need

Gnawing, ripping, searing

Those that slice with mere letters

Ravage with only a sound


Yes, that is what I need

Dark and twisted

Like the perfect knife

To exact my revenge


Only, no blood shall be shed

No, blood is not good enough

Not for what I have in mind

No, this revenge is much sweeter


What I crave is from the mind

A thought, yes just one single thought

It can wrought more damage than a mere fleshy wound

It can be remembered long after puckered skin has healed


Remember, oh yes, the deed will not lay forgotten

Memories, oh how they haunt the soul

When it has wronged, when it has blighted another

It becomes a gift turned curse upon the wicked


 I posted it up on Author’s Den and received a really nice review:

Jerry Bolton, Author, AuthorsDen.com

Well, as for me, I am very happy I am not in your line of retribution. But carry on, sometimes revenge is the ONLY thing that will satisfy. Good wordplay here too.

I’ve one more poem that is in a children’s pic book that a friend asked me to write…author Mark Wisher, used it in his “How to Impress a Dragon”. I was quite honored by this request and was really pleased that I could call upon my muse to help.  I’ll ask if he would mind my posting it here, so maybe check back in a few days if you’d like to read it or even better, buy his book. He has it for sale on pdf as well as paper copies http://www.lulu.com/shop/mark-wisher/how-to-impress-a-dragon-digest/ebook/product-17381233.html .  I think he is also ‘upgrading’ it-adding more artwork.

To me, poetry is pure emotion.  I feel life with an intensity that sometimes…well, that’s where my saying ‘She who must write and sometimes draw to keep the demons away’ comes into play.  The demons, of course, are metaphorical and are quite unpleasant.  So when I think poetry, I think….  It is hearty laughter and joyous fun.  It is tearful and sad.  It is blissful and happy.  It is fierce and red with anger.  It is undying or sappy love.  It is loathing and unforgiving hate.  It is all this and more.



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