A Toast To the End and the Beginning

I almost completed my list for the year, but then I did not spend too much time worrying over it to begin with.  My list isn’t really personal issues–I mean, seriously I doubt a list will really make me lose the weight that I want/need to and it surely won’t make me get organized.  Lists are to lose or for my purse to eat-my little back-pack only regurgitates anything when I don’t need it.  Lists are generally things that just need to ‘click’ within you in order to come about.  Diets are easy to do, but how long must they go on?  No one diets forever so it’s silly–it’s just reverse bingeing (instead of eating, you are starving).  Also, what’s order without a bit of chaos from time to time and who has time for order?  Not when you have two teenage boys, a husband, a full-time job, a hobby making jewelry (and selling it), 3 dogs, a house that will never be clean enough, a full-time job, let’s not forget illustrating and writing, marketing my books, trying to network, and…I’m constantly unwell.  I’m a sickly that refuses to relax and get well properly–if something needs to be done, it will be done because it must be.  Yeah, order does not nor will it ever exist for me.

Accomplishments this year….


This is where I go, “Look Ma, I did it!!”  I actually illustrated a book!  Oh yes, the ‘copy artist’ actually yanked scenes for a book from her own head!  Proof that you can do it if you just don’t give up and you sit down and make yourself do it.  I had an idea and I wanted to make it a book.  Simply said.  It wasn’t simply done though, but when I look back it wasn’t as difficult as I was making it to be.  Now, there is probably a few out there that will critique my artwork to death, but then there are those that will adore it.  I did it and I am happy about it – like it or not.  “The One Sock Princess” was an idea that stemmed from the most adorable little girl, my niece, and her constant loss of her sock.

Book 1

My second book, “Pell Shade and the Mysterious Paper”, was a blast to do.  Don’t misunderstand, I have fun in all my books, but this one is where I really became creative.  Despite what I say and try to tell myself, I am a collector.  I like odd things, so when I started to write this book I wanted to not only make it a warm friend, but I wanted to add some of the items from my ‘collections’ to it.  This is where the Rare Finds Shoppe comes in.  Rare Finds is an extraordinary shoppe taken care of by an even more extraordinary keeper or guardian.  You will discover everything from three-inch tall beings, who fly Red Barron-type planes, to ancient melodies from a mysterious pan flute, and even ‘scholarly looking ceramic monkeys’, who ‘should not be able to wag their fingers at you’.  In future installations (I’m working on book 2 now) you’ll see more of these fascinating wonders.  I’m extremely proud of Pell and her friends.  Most of the character’s names are either pen, ink, or paper related.  Aunt Syne is named after the Greek Goddess, Mnemosyne, who was the mother of the nine muses.  That was a bit of fun.  There is even a fox who is lovingly mis-named ‘Quills’–or is he?  The protagonist, Awl Blott, was/is fun to work with–he’s a quirky villain.  I think I’m enjoying him as much as I am the others.

Take a look and perhaps purchase a copy (please)!!


So I say thank you to 2011 and hello 2012.  I have at least 2 more books (one chapter and one picture) that I shall add to my growing library in this new year.  I will also work on getting some events planned, interviews, marketing strategies, and will enter contests.  If anyone wishes to help me in any of these endeavor, please feel free–I need all the help I can get!!


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