A bit of fun…why not?

I am so tired of writing about myself for bios. Seriously, I’m sure someone might find a tiny shard of interest in my life, but I find writing them utterly boring.  So, I decided to have a bit of fun on one of the many oodles of social media sites I am a part of.

Here’s my ‘story’ version of my bio:

Once there was a girl who spent so much time alone that she would escape through her daydreams. As she grew older, she decided to write down her dreams so they would not disappear, they were her life after all. What does one do when turned out into a world not made for dreamers? They trudge here and there, searching for their belonging place. So, after several fast food jobs, serving six years in the US Air Force, working in retail, and (still) raising a family, she returned to her lovely worlds with fervor. With seven books self published and many more to follow, she aspires with endless optimism to gather endless readers and that one day a publishing house will save her from wearing way too many hats on her overly exhausted head.

Well, there it is in all its truth.  My husband says it’s eccentric, but then well, truth be told I am that. I am utterly OCD, a social misfit, I have odd habits, I must always be doing something, and I drink tea.  I do my best and sometimes the impossible when no one is looking. I was taught that giving up is not getting it done so stop wasting time and do whatever it takes.  I may not have a clue as to what I am doing and when it is all done, do not ask how I did it–because I probably will not have an answer.


One thought on “A bit of fun…why not?

  1. YAY! For being OCD! Sorry, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. 🙂 I understand about the bios. I write fun stuff to not be here as me, why would people want to read about the me I want to get away from? :-/
    I can’t wait for your next book!!!

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