Pic Books Tote Promotional

13 Oct 09/5:30 pm
Ok, I was ‘supposed’ to post (next) my ‘detail’ work on my new picture book but since this project is due Thursday, I thought to do this first.  I get into designing things, it helps w/the stress.  I guess that is what I will make this blog out to be–all the kooky projects that I come up with.

Alrighty then, my son’s school is having a Fall Festival and they are in need of donations for a raffle.  I offerred up two of my picture books.  Since it is not in my nature to just do ‘simple’ , I thought to design a small canvas tote and load it up w/two books and some promo’s.  I have fun when I get to give out stuff so I usually go all out or at least as ‘all out’ as my budget will allow (if not a few dollars over).

I picked up a small black canvas tote at Michaels–my favorite store!  My husband and children are lost to the world once I step inside that store–hours, upon hours I can spend without knowing it.  Ok, enough rambling…  I plan to use one of the pictures, Chris Goguen, drew for Something Greater Than Fear .  It is a picture of Figs’ home—but it is only half of her tree so I will need to finish the tree.  I plan to use Corel draw and ‘add’ to the top of the canvas.  Once the tree is complete, I plan to print it out onto Fabric-Stick inkjet sheets that I bought at Wal-Mart.  I’ve used the sheets in similiar projects and they do quite nice (even work well on foam).  I then plan to sew little books (made from fabric pieces for the book covers, stitching thread, and cardstock for the pages) onto a few of the branches.  I’ve come up with a nice little catchphrase of sorts to place either underneath or above the tree:

Growing imagination inside!  Please water daily with a good book! 

I have a design logo for my authorsite that I use for various things, so I plan to print it out on the fabric sheets and place it on the center back.  It’s a nice sketch of Tyme sitting on top of a book that Chris Goguen drew. Beautiful Image by Chris Goguen

  Beautiful Image by Chris Goguen
 Ok, there are all the specs (as I call them).  I will add the pictures as I go; which could be all in one day or some today and some tomorrow.  I’ve an oversized button with ‘Imagine’ written on it that I reallllyyy want to use but it’s coloring is not unisex (it’s kind of a ‘girl’ purple) so it’s doubtful that it will be used.
5:45pm/Off I go to finish up before I pick up my husband from work and finish up dinner.
I’m not a square fan so I pulled out the edges w/a blender.  I left the limbs empty–I will be adding the little books (sewing them to both the fabric sheet and the tote) once the sheet is printed and set on the tote.
11:38/I was actually finished around 11:00 but didn’t get back to the blog until just now.  I will update more tomorrow since it is late and I need to be up around 5:30am.  I did change one plan–instead of the wee pic of Tyme sitting on a book w/my website address, I used a different pic.  It’s a pic of a small woman (me–well, sort of) reading from a book that is twice her size–add a few of my favorite fungi (mushrooms) and well, there you have it.  Ok, I’m off to bed!  ‘Night all!

14 Oct 09 4:33pm added the pictures of the tote being put together.  Ok, I do have a pic of a image I created with my authorsite logo on it–I will have to wait until later to upload since either WordPress or my exhausted self is having issues w/the final picture–won’t recognize my files when I go to upload…Grrrr!  Oh well, the usual for technical error remedy is to leave it and then come back–my imaginary elves come out and fix everything!  Since the tote is complete, I will start the blog about the ‘detail’ work that I’m currently working on for Something Greater Than Fear.  Mind you, it’s nothing all that fancy but it is rather fun to do.  So remember, check back to see the cute little picture I drew of a cartoonish ‘me’ reading an enormous book w/mushrooms surrounding me.  Thanks for viewing by the way and the comments!! 


8 thoughts on “Pic Books Tote Promotional

  1. The small canvas tote with book themed design is a really nice idea as a contribution for a children’s benefit raffle! Curious if the artist you mentioned, Chris Goguen, is ok with your manipulation of the art?

    1. Thank you! I love donating to children’s benefits!! It’s so much fun to think of a child reading/enjoying my books! Yes, Chris and I work quite well together so I have manipulated a few of his pictures in the past for promotions. I worked some manipulation with the cover art for our next picture book (which will be out at the end of the month– Something Greater Than Fear). I stretched edges, added text, and used a syphon & fill to complete the background. The manipulation of this picture is for the tote project only. The actual illustration for the book will remain untouched and totally his design.

  2. Wow, very creative! I love Michaels and so do my girls, they pick there over Toys-R-Us. You’re art, plus his, and your arts and crafts ability are amazing. Keep up the great work!

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