Draigs jump from storybook to real life!

Being a writer, a self published writer is hard enough–you wear all the hats that a traditional publisher pays at least 10 or more people for.  So, if you’ve book in hand (your dream) then you must get it noticed or else your hard work is for naught.  Draig leapt from the storybook pages at a chance to help me out.  Seriously, I had been gearing up for a festival book signing and wanted to do something eye catching.  I still don’t know how I thought this up and my kitchen is still recovering!

I started out w/a small table top version and somewhere in my thoughts, something demanded that I do something greater/more eye catching.  Well, what could be more eye catching than a  seven foot long, 3 foot high water dragon?  Ok…the materials were mostly household items that were destined for some kind of recycle or reuse–brown kraft paper (that I had received from a book order), magazines (my sister no longer wanted so gave to me), and card board inards (cut the lids off boxes, strip off the outer paper and you find the corrugated ridges).  Then of course the paint (I had from other projects but did have to purchase more), packaging tape, glue, paper mache (water, salt, flour), and white foam pages (for the horns, teeth, and spikes along the spine).  That’s about it…I did learn later that a wire skeleton would’ve been nice.  Eh, my first paper mache endeavor of this magnitude so next time.

Here is a detailed account of this wonderfully messy (it was in my hair for days!) adventure and yes, I would do it again!


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